Cocommelon is an American YouTube channel, and it acquired the second-largest position in the world. It uploads 3D animated videos for children. The channel starts with traditional nursery rhymes and their own primary children’s songs. The purpose of it is to teach with the children’s interest.  

They are still working to entertain the children. For example, Cocommelon is an educational YouTube channel that helps children learn the alphabet. The track gained 129 million subscribers to its YouTube channel in 2022. 

In addition to helping preschool children learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and more, videos provide lessons, allowing parents to teach their children and play with them. The Channel’s name is- Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. 

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History of Cocomelon

Cocomelon began as a couple’s hobby in Orange County, California, sixteen years ago. They decided to make a short 3D animation video to entertain their boys. His wife works as an illustrator for children. His wife helps him a lot in this animation. Joining YouTube on September 2, 2006, they changed the name of their YouTube channel to Cocomelon.

Who is the founder of Cocommelon?

The founder of Cocommelon is J. Zion. He uploads educational and entertaining videos for children. Cocommelon was created on YouTube to provide this delightful video.

They then uploaded two alphabet song videos to YouTube on the first day, known as ” check gate.”


In February 2020, the company’s chief executive announced plans to launch toys based on these characters. The toys are expected to include plush dolls and toy cars, with an expected rollout date in the fall. On December 20, 21, the company started selling the garments directly through its website.

Why is Cocomelon so popular?

CoComelon’s primary goal is always to engage the family with entertaining and educational content that makes pubic-related preschool moments fun. After nine years on YouTube, on May 16, 2016, Cocommelon surpassed 1 million subscribers. 

With over 450,000 subscribers each month, millions of subscribers grew, and the channel crossed seven billion views. 

Between May and June 2019, Cocomelon received 2.6 billion views. As of December 14, 2020, Cocomelon became the world’s third-largest YouTube channel, surpassing 100 million. 

It creates a world of beautiful 3D animation and toe-tapping songs centered on the everyday experiences of young children. 

If you search for children’s content on YouTube, you will find it. They upload videos of children entertaining. Teaches children how to read, write, bathe and talk to their parents.

 A favorite channel for kids. Kids watch this entertaining video on YouTube. Kids benefit a lot from watching videos on this channel. If you want to entertain your kids, you can show videos of this channel as it is a popular youtube channel.

Why does Cocomelon obsesse kids?

The channel is for children to enjoy watching animation. Animation is a kind of visual art. Kids enjoy watching the animation move whether they understand their language or not. Toddlers love to hear songs and sound inCocomelon. The animation and bright colors appeal to them.

Children who do not like animation will also connect the channel. On the contrary, children can learn by watching Cocomelon videos. They can have entertainment through this video too. In addition, the sounds of Cocomelon make children feel delighted. 

They want to watch their videos again and again. They make videos so that children are attracted to watch the videos. The theme song of Cocomelon animation is memorized. After listening to the music, they will be able to tell the name of the animation of Cocomelon.

Why do the parents support the children in watching the videos?

Children are beautiful to their parents and love them much. But, to make them part of a thriving world, the parents do hard work that nobody can deny. For that, you have to make educated ones. To educate, they can take any plan.

Early age, the children don’t want to participate in the study. That is why the parents allow them to watch educative and informative videos. By watching the videos, they can learn good some things.

Though at an early age watching videos is not well for health, it will not be affected if the parents can control their children’s time and power.

They must manage the display power with daylight as well as night. Otherwise, they need to control video quality. That means what is for kids is not.

Final thought

The present age is a digital age whose parents want to keep behind their children than others. However, nobody desires to do this. Therefore, all internet users provide technology to their children to update them. CoComelon is such a YouTube channel that made the children learn with joy.

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