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    Are you finding ways to look stylish in Polo T-Shirt?

    We will cover different fashionable styles on Polo T-Shirt today!
    This article is dedicated to how to wear polo t-shirts. A polo t-shirt is one of the men’s essential summer staples that looks aesthetic, reliable, and trendy. But sometimes, we might get bored wearing polo shirts because we are wearing them the same way.
    A polo tee is one of the most versatile clothing apparel one can find in a men’s wardrobe! It looks imposing when we know how to wear it differently for different settings.
    So once, Paul Higgins says that “the polo shirt has become shorthand for lazy, unthinking style in recent years.” Here are the top stylish and chic ways to style your old polo tees with a new vibe! So let’s start.

    How To Slay In Polo Shirts In 04 Different Ways | Men’s Guide!

    So, follow our four ways to style polo tees for your next occasion. Here are the four styles:

    ⦁ Loose The Buttons:

    Let’s begin with our first style guide of the list! You see, men with open collars are intentionally doing it because it’s one of the classy style moves! By a simple modification, you know how the look changes from simple to aesthetic.
    It’s called the proper fashion! The beauty of the open collar polo t-shirt becomes chicer and capturing if you pair it with the apparel that is a perfect match for it. Blending the overall look is essential because it would be either satisfying or confusing if your face isn’t balanced.
    So, the best combination is to pair your open-collar polo tee with chinos and loafers, and you will look best at it. Another perfect combination with open-collar polos is light-wash jeans and high tops!
    If you want that subtle yet sharp appearance, go with the apparel that is your best fit. Now, let’s style it differently.

    ⦁ Mix And Match With A Fine Suit

    So in the era of modish fashion and athleisure, suits look a little bit old-school style! But polos can bring a new life to the poor cases. So, I remember Paul Higgin once said, “Taken individually, the suit and polo shirt are pretty standard parts of a man’s sartorial line-up, but together they’re a classic example of how using your existing pieces in inventive ways can reap the rewards.”
    So the second style guide on our list comes here! And it’s pretty simply amazing! Pair your black, grey, or navy suit with your polo shirt, no tie. However, choose the right color for the polo you wear. It’s better if you wear a tonal color polo t-shirt. VeeTrends has some gorgeous shades in its polo shirts collection.
    Make sure the polo color is the perfect match for your suit. A contrasting design will look chic and stunning every time! If you want an advanced fashion, or trying a different modish look, make sure anything you bring to the table, whether it is the blazer, polo t-shirt, or suit, will look like teaming up for a better version of you.
    Another great summer casual look for polo tees is “team your cream trousers with a taupe blazer, and wear a khaki green polo t-shirt.” Then pair it with brown horse-bit loafers, and see how smart and stylish you look!

    ⦁ Look Out For Stripes

    So our third style guide for polo tees is minimalistic! But first, let me quote another saying by Paul Higgins. He remarks, “Bold polo shirts offer a mixed bag but choose the right one, and you will notice your outfit for all the right reasons.”
    So the most reliable look for a striped polo t-shirt is with vertical stripes! If you pair a bold and block stripe polo t-shirt with a good pair of chinos, trainers, jeans, and loafers, trust me, it will elevate your overall look! And without putting much effort, you are ready to slay the day!

    ⦁ Play Around The Pale

    Summers are all about looking glowing, fresh, and lively! So our fourth style guide is something that suggests you go beyond pale. Pair up with a grey, stone, or white polo shirt, and team it with dark trousers. Go for stone, cream, or white chinos.
    However, for people with a darker complexion or skin tone, remember that the darker the face, the lighter the color! Wear light colors to pull off your look. So when shopping for polo tees from VeeTrends, or any other reputable brand, make sure you pick the right shade.

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    In the end, it all comes down to the quality and design! So if you are eager to pull off a chic look with polos, make sure you never look over-fashioned or out-of-fashion. We hope this read will change you for the better!

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