Famous Indian Childhood Candies & Snacks To RememberFamous Indian Childhood Candies & Snacks To Remember

With regard to their characteristics and flavours, Indian snacks and candies have long been iconic. Everyone has fond recollections of the food they used to eat as a youngster, but Indians had particularly fruity childhoods filled with delicious snacks and candies. Mini chocolates and large snacks are used to rule the hearts of children, and one cannot forget them.

These are some of the sweetest and most wistful treats that will bring back your childhood memories. An article by a brand that sells the premium quality mixed fruit candy, Aam Papad online and so on in India

Milk Treat

Another delectable delicacy to be enjoyed was the milk treat. It was filled with white cream instead of chocolate cream, which made it simpler and tastier for kids to switch from chocolate-filled candies. Every bite brought a slice of white chocolate nirvana since it was crispy.

Jelly Filled Phone

Let’s refresh your memories, jelly kids! It was a novel idea with the potential to capture children’s interest. This candies was packaged in a bottle that resembled a phone and was primarily made of flavour-infused jellies, including orange, lemon, strawberry, and ripe mango. The shape managed to win over hearts and became the centre of attention.

Calcium Sandoz

A calcium supplement called Calcium Sandoz was created especially for children. However, the shape of the bottle was what most children found appealing. It was a mild child’s medication, not candy. People were forced to buy this bottle because of its adorable shape.

Candy Cigarettes

It is incorrect to refer to this sweet as merely a candy; rather, it was a fad! Phantom cigarettes were a favourite among kids to buy and flaunt to onlookers. It was a sugary, corn syrup-based candy stick in the form of a cigarette. Back then, smoking this sugar cigarette was an honour.


In India, the hippos have long served as the soul-satisfying appetiser. It is a round, wheat-base puff snack that was baked, giving it a distinctive shape. The excellent flavour of the snack made it a hit with the kids.

Dairy Milk Crackle

Nothing compares to Dairy Milk Cadbury’s decadent milk chocolate flavour. Even though this chocolate is no longer available on the market, it was a noteworthy launch that many consumers embrace. The chocolate bar has crackles inside that give it a chewy, crunchy texture.


The updated version of the chocolate is the Perk that you see today. Its flavour in its earlier iteration was divine. The crisp biscuits had a larger chocolate content, and the flavour was creamy, with an equal amount of chocolate and cream in every mouthful. It had no glucose content and was only sweet.


Ring-A-Ring was unquestionably an epic snack, although not being as well known as the others. Delicious rings were within the packet, and the flavour was so addicting that you couldn’t stop at just one packet. This snack’s unique flavour came from a dash of jalapeo. Ring-A-Ring, a wheat-based product, revolutionised the industry with its delectable flavour.

Zour Bomb

Zour Bomb resembled a bomb in practically every way! It exploded with deliciousness in the mouth. When kids used to like trying new things like Zour Bomb, it was an adventurous experiment! The candy was really sour and had a strong lemon flavour. In some parts of India, it is still prevalent.

Dairy Milk Wowie

Your childhood’s favourite chocolate is here! Previously, the Dairy Milk Wowie was a limited-edition chocolate bar with a distinctive twist. This chocolate won admiration for its excellent depiction of Disney characters. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters could be seen on it. While the remainder was milk chocolate, that particular portion was made of white chocolate.

Ice Popsicle

Just the name alone can immediately transport one back to their youth. Pepsi-cola was an ice stick that came in a variety of flavours; it wasn’t a snack and it wasn’t the ideal sweet. Kids gave this Popsicle a memorable name: Pepsi-Cola. It was simply amazing that one could lick the packet straight away. The most popular tastes included orange, lemon, and cola, and some popsicles even contained a blend of milk and flavour.


Bytes, as the name implies, was a chocolate-filled treat. The snack’s delectable flavour won people over. The snack receive its name because it was had sweet taste of chocolate.

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