Journeys Shoes: Overview And Reviews

Journeys Shoes is the most popular footwear and accessory for teenagers. Journeys is a teen retail retailer focusing on unique specialty items, including shoes and clothing, backpacks, hats, and accessories. It is a branded fashion footwear and accessories from approximately 1,200 stores worldwide.

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Brief Description About Journeys Shoes

Journey’s are a variety of shoe and accessory sellers for young, 13-22-year-olds looking for shoes that express their unique attitudes and lifestyles. Journey Shoes is one of the 1850 existing U.S. shoes. Moz Design, a growing retail footwear chain with stores, wants to redesign its in-store display/display fixtures. 

Journeys have the most significant practical, stylish trends from toddlers to teens and are suitable for this time. Save up to a limited amount of time on various shoes, including boots, sneakers, and slip-on, which will help you and your family move into 2022. Also, stack up savings with 8% cashback on your online purchases and free shipping!

The Journey is a specialized chain retailer owned by Jenescore; Journey operates five retail concepts across North America, including Journey, Journey Kids, She by Journey, Underground by Journey, and Little Burgundy. Youth Focus and “Quickly Shifting is a Fashion Footwear Trend.” It is described as an anti-foot locker.

History of The Journey

Journeys opened its first store in Nashville, Tennessee, in December 1986 at Rivergate Mall. Jim Estepa founded the first Journey shoe store in 1986 at Rivergate Mall in Nashville, Tennessee. Until 2012, Estepa was the CEO of Genesco, which owns Journeys, Hat World, Johnston & Murphy, and other brands.

The Journey is a brand owned by Genesco, a Tennessee-based shoe company that owns Johnston & Murphy, Underground Station, and Dockers.

Genesco began manufacturing shoes for the German shoe company in 1924. It later became the General Shoe Company in the 1930s and became public in 1939.

In 1959, it finally decided to change its name to Genesco.

They later quit manufacturing and began focusing on retail in 2002.

Journeys launched the “Attitude in 2011That Cares” program to encourage its employees to local community outreach and service. In 2014, Journeys began partnering with the Van Warped Tour, which became the presenting sponsor for its 20th-anniversary tour. 

Journey shows became the title sponsor of the Alternative Press Music Awards in 2015. In addition, Journey announced a partnership with Canada ( in 2021. It is an organization that brings together volunteers to build a prosperous community. 

Company Overview

From 173 reviews, Journeys has a consumer rating of 1.55 stars, indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Customers complaining about travel often cite customer service, business days, and problems the next day. Journey ranks 766th among shoe sites.

How Many Type Brand You Find Journeys Shoes?

Their brand is related to teenagers. This is a small retail business. Not busy. You can find those 3 types of brands:

  • Journeys
  • Journeys Kidz
  • Little Burgundy


Journeys is a teenage footwear retailer. The first location opened at Rivergate Mall in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1986. Now it has stores in every state and $ 1 billion in sales.

Journeys Kidz

Journeys Kidz is a specialty footwear brand that opened its first store in 2001 for kids ages 5-12 with “Big Kidz Shoes, Little Kidz Sizes.” In the USA, It has 170 locations.

Little Burgundy

In 2015 Little Burgundy was purchased from Aldo Group by adding 37 retail stores. This brand mainly focuses on students and young professionals. 

Rating Distribution


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Journeys Shoes reviews
Journeys reviews
Journeys reviews
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Pros and Cons

ComfortableRolling arch support would have been better.
Attractive DesignNeed Break-In
DurablePoor Cushioning
Breathe WellWould like more grip on the sole
Pros and Cons


Home Office: 1415 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, TN 37217, U.S.

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Journeys location

Important Fact About Journey


Industries: Retail

Company size : 10,001+ employees

Headquarters: Nashville, TN

Type: Public Company

Founded: 1986

Specialties: Shoes, Teens, Fashion, Social Media, and Accessories

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