Because of its lovely climate and thrilling events, autumn is regarded as the most beautiful season of the year. The mood of fall is captured in this article with these autumn-fall coloring pages!

3 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Time of the Year

Pleasant Autumn Climate

Fall coloring pages for kids

Autumn is a “cooling off” month allowing people to unwind and enjoy the cold weather after the oppressive heat of summer. Additionally, autumn is a fantastic time to take a walk with pals while sporting jackets and scarves. Enjoying nature and taking in the surroundings with your loved ones is the best way to unwind and revitalize.

Fall Festival: Halloween and Thanksgiving

Many important events come together in the fall and draw a sizable crowd of attendees. This is an opportunity to foster community togetherness by sharing meals, unwinding, or doing anything else you enjoy after a demanding workday. Each person has the chance to “make” their own Halloween outfits at this time.

The “Autumn” Mood

We get a chance in the autumn to show our loved ones some care and affection. However, some people experience seasonal affective disorder, which makes them nervous and reclusive during this time of year.

Fall is the favorite season of the year for all of us, why? Take a look at these printable fall coloring sheets.

4 Unique Autumn Festivals in the World

Autumn coloring pages

La Merce Festival – Spain (The Towering Festival)

La Merce Celebration, the largest street festival of the year in Barcelona (Spain), attracts residents and visitors from across the world towards the end of September each year.

In the town of Valls, Tarragona, there is an annual celebration known as La Merce, or the Human Towering Festival, when teams of “citadel builders” compete to construct the finest human towers. The event was first created to celebrate the city’s patron saint, who is credited with saving many lives during a pandemic that swept over Europe in the 17th century.

As per customary, everyone congregated in Sant Jaume Square, encircled by throngs of “towers” of thousands of onlookers. Actors, both professional and amateur, “build” works in order to compete for the title; whose tower is the highest and most beautiful. Under the direction of the “general engineer,” there are towers with dozens of stories that require “human material” that is in good health, brave, inventive, able to work in a team, and given a realistic assignment.

To guarantee safety when “stacking the tower,” precise and cautious calculations are required. Typically, the quicker members rank higher while the stronger and heavier individuals stand on the lowest floor. The tower’s summit will be reached by the lightest individual.

The last person to reach the tower’s summit is required to raise his hand and wave to onlookers. The event’s high point occurs at this point since it is then when the fortress is revealed. While constructing the tower is one thing for fortresses up to 8–9 stories high, lowering it safely requires great skill.

Loi Krathong – Thailand’s oldest and most sparkling festival

One of the most extravagant fall holidays celebrated by the Thai people is Loy Krathong. The celebration is held on the full moon night of the 12th Thai lunar month (around November of the solar calendar). Although festivals are observed across Thailand, Chiang Mai is home to the most notable sky lantern displays.

This event is held at the ancient temple complex of Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, in the town of Sukhothai, whose name translates to “Dawn of Happiness,” which was founded in the thirteenth century.

Children from the country of the golden pagodas will drop flower lanterns called krathongs on rivers and paper lanterns called khomloi into the night sky while whispering prayers during the festival.

Diwali Festival – India:

Depending on the cycle of the moon, the Indian holiday of Diwali (also known as Deepawali) is observed for five days in October or November. This is the greatest collection of Hindus’, Sikhs’, Jains’, and certain Buddhists’ traditional holidays.

Almost no darkness falls in India during the Diwali festival of lights as fireworks light up and fill the sky with sound. Everyone, young and old, is dressed newly, especially the women who are greeting each other in traditional sarry costumes.

The mesmerizing traditional Indian dances, together with well-known Bollywood music and unique circus performances, are what make the Indian festival unique. When people eat traditional Indian dishes like goat curry or marinated chicken wings, the lively ambiance is more enjoyable. Additionally, there are kid-friendly entertainment booths with dancing castles, sand paintings, and statues.

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Festival of the Dead – Mexico:

With roughly 3,000-year antiquity, the Event of the Dead is the oldest festival in Mexico. Every year on November 1-2, which is regarded as a national holiday in Mexico, this fall celebration is celebrated.

The festival of the dead serves as a time for Mexicans to honor and commemorate departed family members. Families create altars at home and attend lighted vigils at nearby cemeteries to welcome their departed loved ones back.

Mexicans think that passing away is but a stage in the endless cycle of life, that their memories live on in another realm, and that they truly vanish into the cosmos only once everyone on earth has forgotten everything about them. 

Since they believe that on the night of October 31, the door between the two worlds will open, and the dead can return to earth, Mexicans celebrate the dead by holding a “Festival of the Dead” following the corn harvest. On November 1st and 2nd, visit with family.

Families typically start preparing for the celebration a few weeks in advance. They use colorful perforated paper strips to adorn chapels, roadways, and cemeteries. Perforated paper is a well-known kind of folk art from Mexico. The fluttering multicolored strips of paper represent the winds and remind us of the fragility of human life.


Without a doubt, autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. And fall will be even more beautiful with these autumn fall coloring sheets at! Thanks for reading.

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