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Every human finds their treat in something that catches their eye and captures their heart. Whether we enjoy the waves hitting the shore or the sun that sets every evening with the illuminating rays. We get lost in the beat and find magic in every moment. We probably do not think of how wind touching the water surface creates the wave crest, nor do we think of the rotation of the earth that lets the sunset and the moon radiate the light. 

Everything visible incorporates numerous aspects that led to its formation. Similar to this, whiteboard animations also integrate many things that resultantly create a video that is observable to the audience. Nevertheless, you enjoy the video and take advantage of it. However, you wouldn’t have paid attention to the aspects that are gone into a single video. All these aspects are the determinants of whiteboard animation video cost. 

You may have considered looking for a whiteboard video animation service to invest in your brand and audience. However, many vital aspects cost you an animation video. 


Working with a team is not just about having a few members. However, it is about having different creative minds and their experience in one unit. An animation company deals with almost all sectors, from academics to sports, and works for them. Thus, different perceptions and ideas combine to serve all sectors. 

You would only share your idea and vision with them, and the creative team will convert it into an animation, speaking volumes with creativity. Though everything in the video is about your business, be precise in delivering the information to get what you need. 

Research into the field 

Whiteboard animation is incomplete without a good script, and any good writing that can capture the attention is unfinished without research. Any professional team will begin with the research on your idea. Getting a grip on the topic is essential to further work on it. 

Research is a significant factor in creating animations to incorporate all the complex topics in the simplest form. It allows one to learn about different issues and eases the process of further projects. 

Script that speaks 

Writing might sound like an easy task. However, writing scripts that make a difference is demanding and challenging. Conveying your idea within a few minutes of video is tough and making it understandable to people is too. 

Scripts are read by voice-over artists who scrutinize your aim’s key aspect. It gives your illustration a direction leading to your goal. The writing is an invaluable part of the whiteboard animation video. It adds emotion, tone, and energy to your images. 

Customized illustration 

Whiteboard animation videos can be used for all topics, from explaining a basic concept of dying your apparel to understanding the formation of volcanoes. Thus, every animation is tailored based on the message you want to convey. 

Whiteboard animations are an impactful way to represent any idea, and illustrations are the key to unlocking creativity in any field. It can be as distinct and unique as you want it to be. 

Project management 

Creating illustrations and adding life to them is an art. However, the stress of meeting deadlines and working in a team is also an art. The cost you pay to any whiteboard video animation service provider is also for project management. 

From the research to the final video, the team works per the designed schedules to keep track of the project and complete it before the deadline. The smooth connection with every member at every step makes the process easier and more manageable. 

Professional voice-over 

Reading out any script will not make any difference in your whiteboard animation video. It demands a professional voice-over to give a spark to each word that your viewer can feel. Looking for a voice-over artist that can add a feel to your story is essential. 

A professional voice-over artist will clearly convey your message and an understandable and engaging tone. It impacts the quality of the entire video your viewers will experience. 

Sound effects 

Don’t you look for ways to make your whiteboard animation video more enticing? Adding sound and music can work for you. Whiteboard animation studio can help you with the addition of sound to your video to capture the attention at the right moment. 

Every aspect, from the music’s placement to the duration, is essential to give your video a perfect final look. In addition, a sound can make up the atmosphere that will keep your viewer attracted to the video. 


Whiteboard animations have become an inseparable part of marketing strategy for different sectors and the easiest way to communicate with people. However, consider the aspects you are paying for when investing in whiteboard animation videos. Almost every animation studio will charge you for all the elements mentioned above. 

Converting a basic and simple idea into an engaging and compelling animation video is not easy. Thus, teams and studios put their effort into all the features to make complex look simple and basic look astounding.

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