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We all know that security cameras are no less than a necessity. They are best for surveillance purposes of our homes and to keep burglars away. For example, if someone tries to invade your house, a strategically installed security camera can act as your first line of defense. However, it is mandatory to install them carefully. Otherwise, they can be tampered with or vandalized, which hinders their ability to protect you.

Dangling security camera wires gives a chance to intruders to tamper with the connection, and they even make your house look bad. So, always choose a company that can offer professional installation of security cameras. Once your security system stops working, you cannot feel safe because no footage will be recorded for security purposes. This is the reason security cameras are of the utmost importance.

But do not choose any company blindly because it is about the security of your house. You should know everything about the company before you decide to invest. If you are confused about the company, then we suggest you check out the ADT Home Security System. It offers quality security cameras that allow you to remotely monitor your house. Always choose a well-reputable company that can guarantee security 24/7. It is indeed a lifetime investment, and do not worry about the installation cost, as the ADT packages are cost-effective.

If you already have security cameras installed, but the wires are prominent, then you can use the following creative ways to hide your wires. Fixing the security camera wires is not difficult, but you have to focus on ensuring you do not mess it up.

Paint Your Wires

This is one of the oldest tricks to protect and enhance the security of your house. If your wires are of different colors, then the threat of robberies always looms over your house. Therefore, it is crucial to paint your wires the same color as your walls and ensure that they do not tangle with each other. The aim is to make the wires blend into the environment. Just ensure the paint you are using sticks to the plastic covering of your wall. In this way, your security camera wires will not be noticeable to intruders.

Hide the Wires behind a Hedge

If you have a hedge along with the fence, then they are perfect for hiding the wires of your security cameras. Once the plants grow to a certain thickness, they will cover and conceal your wiring. You can also add a layer of camouflage to make your wires look like vines. This makes it quite difficult for intruders to access and cut them.

However, if you do not have a hedge, you can add potted plants and hide your wires behind them. Add decorative items such as birdbaths and stones to distract people’s attention away from your camera wires.

Hide Your Cables

You can hide the cable wires in your wall by drilling at least two holes in the walls and passing the wires through them. Make sure you do not drill excessively, as it can ruin your house décor. You can call a professional for this work. Otherwise, you can tamper with your circuit and this can lead to other technical problems. Plus, you can hide the cables under the roof by simply tucking them underneath with glue or hooks.

Protect the Wires in Plastic Tube

Another innovative way to protect your security camera wires is to cover them in a protective plastic tube. You can drill through the studs and threading tube to fix the wire inside them. This not only protects your wires from the prying eyes of burglars but also from the harsh weather.

Install Wireless Security Cameras

Thanks to advanced technology, people have the option to install wireless security cameras. Wireless security cameras are inexpensive, and not everyone can afford them. If you can invest in wireless security cameras, you should do it immediately.

To use them, you need to ensure you have a stable internet connection so they can function properly. Any disruption in your network connection can prevent you from accessing the footage. There are other models as well that function with batteries or solar-based charger systems. If you use wireless security cameras, you will get rid of the hassle of hiding security camera wires.

To End Things Off

To prevent these things from happening, it is crucial that you cleverly hide your security camera wires. Some creative ways are mentioned-above. Ensure you use them to protect your security cameras. In this way, you can enhance the security of your house and keep intruders at bay. However, before doing anything on your, hire a professional for this task to avoid any other disaster.

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