Russian fashion blogger in New YorkRussian fashion blogger in New York

“Russian fashion blogger in New York” means a fashion blogger in New York. In New York, that indicates who is in New York, but he is a Russian. He blogs on Fashion.

If you are a Russian, you know about Russian Fashion. If you google, you have a lot of Russian Fashion bloggers who write about Fashion. They are Russian, but they don’t live in New York. Some may live in New york.

If you are exploring Russian Fashion bloggers who live in New York, you have ideas about them.

In the blog, I have explained some Russian bloggers who blog about Fashion. And they spend some time in New York.

Russian fashion blogger in New York

Russian fashion blogger

A Russian Fashion Blogger who writes blogs on Russian Fashion. Fashion is a trend in the blogging industry.

You can see it as an evergreen niche for bloggers in the world. But why?

Have any well-interested person who does not love to be a stylist and fashionable? The answer must be negative.

Then think in the modern age, how the importance of Fashion blogs.

The blogger chooses and leads their interest to make money online based on its importance. If you are a reader, you are exploring any type of solution to fashion-related issues.

Then, like you, you have a lot of people who need assistance with fashion and health. Health is another blogging niche. Its importance will never fade away.

Health and Fashion are related topics. Who starts a fashion blog, direct or indirect, connects with health. Because without healthiness, you are never beautiful. A healthier one is always beautiful.

Russian fashion blogger in New York

A huge blogger who lives in New work. Among them, some are fashion, and some are others. In the article, I share some Russian Fashion bloggers who spend some time in New York. 

Karina Nigay

Karina is one of the most prominent Russian fashion bloggers. Born on March 19, 1993 (age 29 years), he is a talented influencer who hails from Moscow and has made big waves in a short period.

Kareena is a YouTuber; she makes videos on YouTube and shares the best moments of her life on Instagram.

Kareena Vogue collaborates with Russia. She has attended several top-fashion events, such as Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Yana Fisti 

Yana is another famous Russian fashion star with almost 600K followers on Instagram. Timi was born in 1986 (age 35 years); she is not only a blogger but also a true fashion stylist.

Yana is a big fashion lover who always follows new trends and is always up-to-date to get any industry news.

If you want to know about the big Russian fashion industry and how influencer reviews the latest news and trends in the industry, you should follow Yana.

Marie Novosad 

Marie is a blogger who focuses on fashion as well as beauty. In March 1995 (age 27 years), she had a popular YouTube channel, where she shared her daily life experiences, thoughts on life, and beauty routine with her followers.

Viewers can expect many tips on what to wear when watching Marie’s daily makeup routine.

Tina Sizonova

Thika Tina of other bloggers has a personal touch; of course, it is another and a half different story. At first, she had no real-life experience with the fashion industry, but her husband, who was no slouch, created a blog about fashion as a way out of the day job.

As Tina gained popularity on her fashion blog, the fashion world noticed. She has recently done several fashion blog collaborations with brands such as Bevja, Kamenskaya Konova, Korner, Musthave, Suitstar, Candies, and Uremizing.

His blog stands out to everyone because of its author’s strong and educated opinions. He never says that a specific style works or doesn’t. He always explains why.

Angela Arutyunyan

Angela is a true expert in the fashion industry. She started her career as a journalist, then became a model, and now Angela shares her professional opinion on beauty events, fashion blogs, trends, and fashion secrets with her social media audience.

Angela lives between three cities—Moscow, New York, and Budapest, so you can read her blog to see how the Russian style travels worldwide and maintains its uniqueness while living side-by-side with different cultures.

Although Angela loves clothes and the latest trends, her other big passion is the sea and the ocean. As a result, Angela developed a style strongly influenced by these interests; Many of her clothing designs resemble the movement of waves or flowing water.

Anna Midday 

Last, a big fashion star in Russia, Anna Midday. She regularly blogs fashion on both style and travel and has over eight years of experience in the industry.

Instagram 165k followers, Anna blogs about not just fashion but harmony, how to find happiness, and what it means to be beautiful in this world of Instagram fashionistas.

This influencer not only creates exciting images for her followers but also takes the time to create a story behind each shot and outfit to share her feelings, style, and tips about her Russian character.


Russian fashion bloggers in New York are busy places. There are so many things to do, attractions, and things to do before a trip with a Russian fashion blogger to New York begins that it can be difficult to keep track of everything. This guide will help you decide which fashion blogger to choose. You have many Russian fashion bloggers who write about fashion. They are Russian, but not all of them live in New York. Some may live in New York. That is most important for your personal travel experience in The Big Apple!

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